5 Best Free Android Applications

Android utilizes the Google Play Store as the most versatile application store for hundreds and thousands of new applications every month.

Starting from the application of highly productive until the application that can be used during leisure time as entertainment.

1. Expeditions

If you like AR and VR while learning, you can try Expediotions. This application was made for you who are interested in historical places and monuments, even wildlife and the types of animals that are around.

4D Wallpaper 2020

By using this application you  , you know.

In addition, you can also use AR ( augmented reality ) to present an animal model of life size.

2. DailyArt

Next is a knowledge-based application for those of you who like art. DailyArt presents more than 2,000 masterpieces, including classical, modern and contemporary art.

This application automatically provides new artwork from famous artists every morning.

3. Planes Live - Flight Status Tracker & Radar

Planes Live comes with a thick icon design and large text for information. Look clean and minimalist!

With this application you can check in detail the flights that are currently taking place and the upcoming ones.

Amazingly you can also find out the terminal number and flight gate . If you are looking for a great flight tracker application , we highly recommend this.

4. Wallpaper 4D 2020

Saturated with the same wallpaper ? Well, the 4D Wallapaper 2020 is just right for you! This is a high-resolution 4K animated wallpaper feature from various categories.

This application relies on the gyroscope sensor on your smartphone  so that it looks like it moves when you tilt the smartphone .

There are also edge lighting effects that will make your  bezelless more enjoyable to use.

5. PDF Reader Pro

This application will automatically scan all internal storage and SD cards on your smartphone .

After all scanning, all PDF files will be displayed on one screen. This of course makes it easier for you to search for documents.

This application can also bookmark certain PDf, use text entries, underline or color any sentence in the document, and many more.

So, which application will you download first?
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